Rustic Cottage idealizes Finland’s rural lifestyle. Wooden cottages, nature, forests and space. Moss overgrown roofs. Fantasy in combination with the basic rural life provides our families a sense of serene calmness and nostalgia. Living with the seasons, having animals around the house to cuddle with and take care off. Our kids love this feeling of security and a safe haven. They make huts in the forests, use our cotton sheets from the laundry, make their own bread and have tea. Rustic Cottage allows us to experience again the fine feeling of home cooking, the use of nature and rustic materials, intimacy, gardening and handcrafts.
All of the above epitomizes Riffle’s AW21 collection theme. A consequence of this theme is our use of a color palette using milky whites combined with warm brown and nature-looking shades. Our materials are utterly soft and yet perfectly following the body’s movements: ultra-soft, warm hairy cotton, rib waffle, brushed woven fabric and quilt.
With our new woven suits and flared pants, we appeal to a new broader audience hence extending our size chart to size 98/104. Popular styles are kept in AW21 like our leggings and t-shirts and especially the ponchos and outdoor suits. Newly added our the loose fitting dresses and woven playsuits, perfectly matchable with a waistcoat.



Riffle is quite remarkable. Riffle does not fit into the mainstream online shops. Riffle is not for everyone.
Riffle is just a tad bit different and is selectively searching for the right places to be. We think the right place is with you. A place where customers find items that never cease to amaze them. Contact us and we can talk further!

This sixth Riffle collection is characterized by flared pants, suits, dresses, skirts, salopettes and sweaters. Every collection we tend to add an edgy item and this collection this will be the bomber, gilet and spencer. The poncho was the hit last year, so that edgy style will be continued. Freedom of movement is the basis, because a ripple, rustling ... riffle only occurs from motion.

With the collections of Riffle we open all senses and stare at the earth, water and air. Treasures can be small animals, stones or old coins. A fish that shoots away in an aquatic plant or a bird that spreads its wings for the first time. We seek happiness in quirky and funny creatures. We can feel everything around us, even with our eyes closed. Wind, grass, sand.

Riffle stands for ripple, rustling, natural, shallow, dreamy, sweet, naughty and willful.