Wrap blanket (Trendy Wrapping) Frost Grey

Ultra-soft, functional and comforting wrapping blanket, with tags, for carseat (group 0) or buggy/pram



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Variatie: Wrap blanket (Trendy Wrapping) Frost Grey
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A real icon from Snoozebaby this wrap blanket: super practical, ultra-soft and of high quality. The wrap blanket Trendy Wrapping (90 x 110 cm) has a footmuff, a hoodie, a press stud and two slits in the back, very useful for a baby bouncer, buggy or car seat (group 0). Because the footmuff has separate compartments for each leg, a 3-point closure on a babycarrier (group 0) can easily be used. The wrap blanket would also work on a 5-point closure. Of course Snoozebaby‘s iconic tags cannot be missed, this way your child can snuggle up while lying in its own little cocoon. The labels or tags give your baby the enjoyment of touching, feeling and playing, which is good for the development and stimulation of its sense of touch and fine motor skills. This way a baby can create its own comfort zone. Very pleasant during a long trip.

Suitable for baby carriers with 3-point (and 5-point) seat belt
Practical comfort zoone for in buggy or carseat (group 0)
Protects your carrier

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