ORGANIC Ruby Rabbit Stone Beige

Nice to meet you, I am Ruby, an adorable cuddle rabbit made of recycled materials



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Variatie: ORGANIC Ruby Rabbit Stone Beige
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Rabbits are loved by all babies. Which is no surprise as they are cute and adorable.…with Ruby your baby has endless hours of fun of cuddling, playing and/or listening to the bells. Appr 28x12 cm. Surface wash only. Dutch Design, socially- and environmentally responsibly hand-made in Turkey of 100% Oekotex materials.
An adorable rabbit
Made of 100% recycled polyester
The seven-second hug: when you cuddle, a hormone called oxytocin is released, also known as the cuddle hormone. this hormone creates a sense of trust and strengthens relationships. in addition, it reduces stress and anxiety. it does have to be a long hug, by the way. because only after seven seconds of cuddling this feelgood hormone is released
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