soft toy / handpuppet Maddy Monkey Muddy River

Sweet little monkey/handpuppet with teether cord (appr 14 cm). Please purchase an extra version in case it will be the favourite cuddle of your little one a seven second hug. when you cuddle, a horm



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Hey, little monkey, come here‘.....playful handpuppet with tags. An ideal way to tell your baby a story via this monkey.....garanteed attention and fun. Made in Turkey of 100% Oekotex polyester. Offers comfort and joy and stimulates the fine motorskills and sense of touch.

An adorable monkey, also handpuppet 
To attach to teethers or dummies
The seven-second hug: when you cuddle, a hormone called oxytocin is released, also known as the cuddle hormone. this hormone creates a sense of trust and strengthens relationships. in addition, it reduces stress and anxiety. it does have to be a long hug, by the way. because only after seven seconds of cuddling this feelgood hormone is released

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