Organic Playing cloth / playmat (Cheerful Playing) Blue Nights

Soft and thick playmat made of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester filling featuring many lovely tags (75 x 95 cm)



€ 64,95
Price per Playing cloth / playmat (Cheerful Playing)


Variatie: Organic Playing cloth / playmat (Cheerful Playing) Blue Nights
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Try to position yourself as a baby, lying on a soft playmat on your tummy or on your back, surrounded by all kinds of different labels and fabrics that invite you to grab, play and touch them. Wonderful right! Maybe your baby would like to twist and turn, creep or sleep; Snoozebaby would like to make your baby feel at ease in a safe environment ready to explore. This playmat, 75 x 95 cm, consists of 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester fiberfill of 4 cm. Suitable for every baby and/or living room. In the summer it can also be used in the park or at the beach. Made in Turkey.
Super soft and lots of tags
Invites to crawl, turn and move
Ultra-soft fabric: organic GOTS cotton and recycled polyester (also for fiberfill)
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