soft toy / cuddle toy Cas Car Gray Mist

Cute fantasy car cuddle with cord (appr 15 cm). Please purchase an extra version in case it will be the favourite cuddle of your little one a seven second hug. when you cuddle, a hormone called oxyt



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Step on it, but without emissions! Just a cute little car to play with. Soft wheels and some tags. Made in Turkey of 100% Oekotex polyester. Offers comfort and joy and stimulates the fine motorskills and sense of touch.
An adorable cuddle car, come ride with me
To attach to teethers or dummies
The seven-second hug: when you cuddle, a hormone called oxytocin is released, also known as the cuddle hormone. this hormone creates a sense of trust and strengthens relationships. in addition, it reduces stress and anxiety. it does have to be a long hug, by the way. because only after seven seconds of cuddling this feelgood hormone is released
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